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WFP controls the engineered creation and consolidation of metadata from design to handover. 
Controlled metadata is then categorized and assigned for the next steps of procurement, fabrication, construction and commissioning. 

Since data can be filtered and grouped, it can be controlled. Data can also be reused. 

WFP is the filtered outcome of engineering data to the planned activities in the field. 

WFP allows planners to organize and control data from engineered data and documents, to work package development and completion. 

WFP improves outliers such as schedule bias into schedule confidence by managing the following.

    1. Understand that culture has the biggest impact on the significance of critical path scheduling.
    2. Mindset is the biggest area of concern for planners and schedulers.
    3. Schedule representation should include the highest level of detail.
    4. Meeting expectations is accomplished by creating an agreed goal alignment with an owner.
    5. A sound communication plan must to be established to all stakeholders as soon as possible. 

We understand that project structures for scheduled activities, work steps, duration’s and critical path often don’t occur as planned. We rectify this by the; 

use of enterprise software such as P6 and BIM 3D models that capture and control the necessary data components required to allow the association of all planned activities into an accurate reporting matrix, both graphically and visually.

managing all data components or attributes that accommodate WFP development from engineering processes, supply chain management, fabrication, construction, document control, Project Scheduling and reporting. 

our ability to quickly and effectively teach and manage WFP’ers so that they understand how to filter and manage database networks to produce both the necessary information and the desired work packages for the field.

managing all associated work processes and software platforms to incorporate WFP, and to ensure the integrity of all data necessary for the success of a project.

Our continued excellent results are from total commitment to our customers. We do this by meeting schedule and budget, which in turn builds confidence with our customers. 

With us, good impressions start at the beginning of a project and end only when the project ends.