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Beamer Solutions Ltd 1 (587) 228-4292

Who We Are

We know what’s on the line and we pride ourselves on meeting schedule and budget. No if’s, ands or buts. We work on behalf of the client project team and with the general works contractor(s) to ensure facility testing and turnover aligns perfectly with the planned system turnover definitions and schedules. Above all else our commitment to safety is our #1 priority.

We are automation and controls specialists who excel in the design and optimization of large control systems including process control and the integration of control platforms to provide information-based control solutions. These systems produce highly efficient process control interfaces for operations and engineering.

Our team has on average 25 plus years of experience in every aspect of oil and gas, energy and mining, nuclear, offshore and power generation.

We are automation, controls and commissioning experts. We own and provide our own end to end digital construction solutions (Littlefoot) which keeps projects teams on the same page throughout the project.

We are also boots on the ground trades experts. Our staff are excellent in managing contracts and trades interface.

We do not seek to replace the teams that you have already attached in place. We can provide our own team, or work with your teams to provide support and/or training for established commissioning projects. We can also supply additional highly skilled team members if required.

Our staff have superior knowledge of all types of project information, data and drawings. We are SME’s with construction modeling software and end to end digital construction solutions such as Bluebeam and Littlefoot which keep project teams on the same page.

Our Team
Scot Fyfe

Scot Fyfe

Project & Information Specialist

Jeff Womacks

Jeff Womacks

Automation & Commissioning Development Specialist

Evan Fyfe

Evan Fyfe

Construction and Commissioning Specialist