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Beamer Solutions Ltd 1 (587) 228-4292

Our focus is planning the growth and sustainability of systems as the facilities mature. We standardize programming methodology which greatly assists operator awareness and helps to reduce the cost of expansion to installed systems.

We excel in the optimization of large control systems including process control and the integration of dynamic commission applications to provide end-to-end digital construction solutions such as Bluebeam, and Littlefoot. These tools combined with our knowledge provide highly efficient control interfaces for operations and commissioning.

We are also senior managers and tradespeople who excel in managing and working with your project teams.

We know what you have on the line and we pride ourselves on meeting your schedule and budget. We work on behalf of the client project team and with the general works contractor(s) to ensure facility testing and turnover aligns perfectly with the planned system turnover definitions and schedules. Above all else our commitment to safety is our #1 priority.

Begin With the End In Mind