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Beamer Solutions Ltd 1 (587) 228-4292

We deal with the challenging task of PC&C, Testing, Turnover and Start Up. Getting to First Oil, Gas or Hydrocarbon is our primary goal. We have extensive experience in commissioning and start up of large industrial facilities including SAGD, LNG, Upgrading, Midstream, Off-Shore Production Platforms, Compression, Power Generation and development of SCADA host systems. We are familiar and comfortable with providing integrated cohesive solutions for multiple physically distant locations.

Over the past 25 years we have continued to develop our Littlefoot project software. There has been considerable effort to insure Littlefoot simplifies the requirements of Pre-Commissioning and CSU. Littlefoot can easily be modified for your project specifics.

Our focus is planning the growth and sustainability of systems as the facilities mature.  We standardize programming methodology which greatly assists operator awareness and helps to reduce the cost of expansion to installed systems.

We prepare and complete punch lists to ensure system readiness. We ensure turnover is in accordance to client policies, standards and procedures. We compile all turnover documentation including applicable manuals and procedures.

We work with all groups especially Operations to ensure a smooth transition from RFSU and TCCC to live plant status. We work on behalf of the client project team and alongside the main contractor to ensure the facilities are ready to operate. We can assist or write and carry out the initial start-up procedures and demonstrate the functionality of all systems. We assist the Operations team and introduce product into the systems after fully documenting the system status and gaining sanction from the Operations group. We can carry out the required dynamic shutdown tests and train the operations team in starting and running the facilities.

We facilitate the verification of testing data, records and coordination for work that requires completions for each system/subsystem through the RFC (Ready for Commissioning and RFSU (Ready for Start up) stages to final handover stage. We ensure test packages are aligned to schedule. We verify punch lists associated with the work scope of project activities, administer the Punch list Register, and ensure commissioning sequences are correct.

We ensure any deviations to original work scope are documented from a Change Management perspective including CTQ and related NCR’s where applicable and are closed out. We Ensure subsystem RFC/RFSU walkdown records, including identified participants and ensure that subsystem document mark ups, as-builts and redline mark ups are current and complete.

We will ensure System/Subsystem Status Index and Punch list reports from the completion database are complete and turned over complete to the CMT  including the outstanding punch list summary by discipline and category.

We set up the pre-commissioning and commissioning philosophy for CSU projects, including identifying preliminary systems/sub-systems break-down with lists of operational tests. We can prepare preliminary start-up sequencing for multiple facilities. We ensure all technical data (Commissioning Status Index) such as OTP (Operation test procedures) certificates, Operational Test Sheets/record, PVP sheets and functional sheets are signed off as required.

We can represent Pre-Commissioning and Startup to facilitate the verification of testing data, records and coordination. We ensure  completions for each system/subsystem through the RFC (Ready For Commissioning) and RFSU (Ready For Startup) stages all the way to final handover.

We ensure every RFC/RFSU contained subsystem or system for every dossier is added to the overall system handover dossier. We include any vendor work scope documentation ensuring that all company or vendors requirements have been met.