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Beamer Solutions Ltd 1 (587) 228-4292


Our team has on average of 25 plus years of experience in every aspect of oil and gas, energy and mining, nuclear, and power generation.


We work with your teams to provide support and/or training for established construction projects. We can also supply additional highly skilled team members if required.

Cost Sensitive

We standardize programming methodology which greatly assists operator awareness and helps to reduce the cost of expansion to installed systems.


Above all else our commitment to safety is our #1 priority.

Construction Supervision and Coordination, Tooled Work Trucks & Trades Support,
Inspection Drones, Advanced Work Packaging

We deal with the challenging task of construction lifecycle management. Our vision is to ensure that we do things right and we do things safely every time we’re on site.¬†We are experts with planning, construction execution and turnover. No matter what phase your project is at, we can help.