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Static and Dynamic Advanced Work Packaging

   Beamer Solutions provides static and dynamic advanced work packaging/job card (AWP) solutions for your business requirements.  We provide AWP creation for greenfield construction, commissioning and startup and operational turnarounds. 

   Static AWPs are created away from the work site and delivered and distributed at site.  The focus of static AWPs is to keep costs down while still supplying the required AWPs according to the work schedule.  There is always a backlog to work from.  A final check is done before release to field staff.

   Dynamic AWPs are produced and distributed at the work site.  The advantage is that any changes from engineering, material delivery, schedule or cost can be reflected immediately.  There is an associated higher resource cost for planners to be available at site.  

   Beamer Solutions is expert in AWPs. Our goal is to provide the necessary resources to meet project requirements regardless of size or complexity. We align best practices, benchmarking and construction strategies so that the effort required aligns with the available resources. 

   We are experts in status visualization, productivity and rework elimination.  We focus on the elimination of errors and omissions, and recognize the project culture and know when it is changing. This eliminates duplication, gaps, unexpected costs and inefficiencies. 

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