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Automation, Controls and Commissioning Experts

We provide our own end to end digital construction solutions (LittleFoot) which keeps projects teams on the same page throughout the project.

We are also boots on the ground trades experts. Our staff are excellent in managing contracts and trades interface. 

Considerable time has been spent in the production of the Littlefoot software. It is designed to simplify the requirements of Pre-Commissioning and CSU.

We do not replace your teams. We can provide our own team, or work with your teams to provide support and/or training for established commissioning projects. We can also supply additional highly skilled team members if required.
We apply our domain expertise and best practices to you, our client on how to best configure the solution as part of your project ecosystem.

LittleFoot provides complete project commissioning software for any industry.  Device data tags are managed by device name labels, device types, and subsystem.

The program works fluidly in conjunction with other dynamic software tools such as Bluebeam, Adobe Pro, SAP, Navis etc., and it also is seamless when used in conjunction with field tablets (ie Microsoft Pro, IPads etc.).

Soft Tag information is captured for each device which can be later imported into any asset management database.

All project drawings and documents are linked to soft tags such as hyperlinks and each has the ability for full file synchronization to all LittleFoot computers on the network. If a document is modified by a user and then synchronized to the server, then all users can synchronize modified documents to their own LittleFoot client. As a result, users will always be equipped with the most recent and up to date information.

LittleFoot has built in real time statistical analysis for all check functions in the software. These analyses are also defined in the reports matrix.

Commissioning programs require the ability to associate different checks and information gathering with confirmation of different device types based upon user requests. LittleFoot allows users to harness the full metadata capabilities in a user friendly format. It is powerful software that is easy to master and yet complex in it's data management abilities.

Contact us at: beamersolutions@shaw.ca

                          or 403 669-6893